Tips For Moving House

 Boxes and Bags

Boxes make moving so much easier and safer. The van can be loaded much quicker and because boxes can be stacked easily, there will be no space wasted. It’s best to have all boxes about the same size  as these can be stacked quite easily.   Bigger boxes usually risk the bottom falling through if the contents are too heavy. It is ideal for all loose items to be in boxes.  Duvets, clothes and towels are best packed in large bags such as Heavy Duty refuse sacks to prevent bags from tearing. These can be squeezed into any gaps between furniture and boxes.

 Advance Packing
Start collecting  boxes a couple of weeks in advance, try asking at supermarkets and local Fruit and Veg shops as these boxes are strong and of good sizeand are FREE.  Start packing at least a week before you are due to move, leaving only the basic items for the last  day.

Label The Boxes
Label your boxes clearly marking them such as bathroom, kitchen etc. so boxes can be placed in the exact room thus less hassle when unpacking. Don’t overpack or underpack boxes for stacking purposes. Use rucksacks or suitcases etc to pack clothes, shoes etc.

Fridges and Freezers
Avoid buying any fridge or freezer food for at least 10 days before you are due to move, so nothing goes to waste. Remember to defrost  at least 24 hours before the move, so appliances will be dry.

If your bed is to be dismantled please ensure this is done prior to your move  (or advise if you need done), this will save time and space.                                                                            

Furniture Disassembly

Dismantle self assembly furniture in advance (or advise if you need done) this will save space in the van and will also be safer. Remember to put all nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and attach or tie to the furniture it belongs to.

Always ensure that there is parking available outside of your premises on the day. Talk to your neighbours in advance of the move and checking that they will move if necessary.

Access Through Doors
Please ensure that all doors, stairs, lifts and hallways are clear of boxes, bags etc. This will create a safe enviroment from the rooms to the van. Now everything is ready for your move.


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